The Seeming and the Real

by Miss Swallow and Me

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released May 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Miss Swallow and Me Germany

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Track Name: Peregrine

these broken soulwings
bound with puppetstrings
roam about the roundabout
in your head, in and out

your biotope´s claim
freedom is aim
but where did you leave
and why do you live

in houses old an tight
in rooms with not even light
peregrines should slide not thin
and through the air they slide

and you still try to fly up high
but this old wound ties you on the ground

I wanna give you a time machine
for undo all the grief we´ve seen
the fractures of hearts and bones
and minds and kids and stones

then you could fly
well wings in blue sky
and ease for you
we´ll never knew

but your strain is to get about
nothing´s clear and all to doubt
bird, you´re longing for a mirage
time machine back into garage

they conserved their bitterness
and they sealed their hearts with bitter mess
and the mind caves in
time chalk´s thin

for all they have no mercy on you
it´s not the end, it will accrue
don´t waste your time with asking
`can I live on clear or masking?´

you´re for that puzzle just a piece
no one knows how it will cease
so bear up, peregrine
you don´t need a time machine
Track Name: But dance

Why does the rought wind blow, down at the stormy sea
and where does the water go, when the flood leaves
why do the shades of the moon mask the small crags
How come the ache leaves us bubbly and swinging

I wish I could have been there when the flood left it‘s bruises,

I deign you your scars, I‘m even envious of them
I would love to protect you, but I need to release
Model of how to patch your wounds, is what i‘d like to be
Stumble, Falter, be dubous about – but be in love with life.

I‘ll give you a wide berth, while you are dancing on the crags
shout my name if you need me, and I‘ll be there.
But dance!
Track Name: Rafic

he lost almost one after another
and the last keepsake of his brother
was a firework of blood and bones
most of these limbs are still unknowns

so he decided to go far far away
where the world‘s still calm and deigns him stay
with nothing but the new start hope
from land to land he set‘s to cope

So go on walking, go on walking
go on walking, while the others are just talking

the journey is marked by stormy sea
and shipwrecks on the ground
the shore is not for free
not even the right to stay and be

just a look in the devil´s eyes
awareness of the shredded ties
now and there are poles apart
´´come, alien clutch the end, you must restart´´

so go on walking, go on walking
while the others are just talking
Track Name: Spider

While i’m looking outside my window i can see a spider in its net.
And suddenly there is an insect flying in its trap
Than the spider comes and administers the poison Then the insect is dead, dead, dead.
But one day there is a bird flying by and eating the carnivore

The question that arises is: What what you can keep what what you can keep
And what are the treasures that will last when the bird is flying by

Cause the insect is dead.
Eaten by the carnivore.
The spider is dead.
Eaten by the bird.

While lifetime is running through my fingers I recognized I can’t keep what I want to
I think what you can keep is what you give, what you give to someone else who charms it for you.
For where my treasure is there will my heart be and what about beyond?
What is my inheritance for this world and the insects following.

It’s all about inheritance not about the net, not about your purse
So increase the things that you can get and share and share alike.

There have been these two guys and i will bear the remembrance
Over the last years they put their treasures in thons of men.
They lived a straight life, they stayed with there wifes, they where not broken by them.
They fought for justice, strong and restless but now they are gone.

I inherited an overflowing treasure chest
No one can cabbage it but I wanna increase it.

Cause the insect is dead.
Eaten by the carnivore.
What if the spider is alive.
What is it’s heir?
Track Name: Watch out

I wanna see justice in this state
I wanna see the felon in jail
Oppression is what I am gonna fight
Move those responsible in the light

But I want mercy when I misdo
I want remission when I fail
I should get another bite at the cherry
Oh, what a jackass I am

Watch out for the bears and wolves
And watch out for these empty roads
Watch out for a petiless world
where the word grace has never been heard
Track Name: Screw yourself

My world doesn‘t revolve around you
How many hours do we spend on weeping over our First World Problems?
Or liberty, prosperity sickens us
Go screw yourself consumerism.

Take care to prevent them from starving
she told him, before she got on the train
while she entered the ring, glorified by the glittering crowd

presented and shrouded in fallicious velvet
they sat in front of the screens gnawing at mildewed bread.

How disgusting
we are paying five bucks to hold a mirror up to ourselves
and we feel amused
we open our eyes wide with dismay
watching the flames fading out of latticed factories
nevertheless we´re walking home with filled plastic bags
Our pets are better preserved
than the humans we are sending our disguised donations to.

Is a maximum desirable? We are responible, and we can‘t wash our hands in innocence.
Track Name: Eat

eddi sometimes didn´t eat at home,
he wasn´t handsome or a gentleman but rich
tell me, what said the rich served supper to that?
answered with the shake of its cabbage head, i guess

one day the lurid blue lights flashed him out of sweet dreams
of luscious curves and red lips
my splendid little girl, will she survive and ride out like scales the fate fell from his eyes

from then on eddi fed his girl the supper at home
always seeking doctor´s advice
besides he travelled to the specialists around the world
in quest of magic potion for his girl

today he sits beside her meanwhile almost fifty years
and always takes her under his wings
since decades she hasn´t speak, her body degrades
eddi´s close to her and she´s so far as never before

oh, she fell out of tune
Track Name: Run down

Run down the isles
and run through the forest
take a step left and
turn down the road
jump over boarders
and look through the mirrow
take a step back and
walk through the crowd

the mouth is filled with its hearts cravings
salt on my lips but the gushing spring dried out
in the backseat of your overbearing nature
is found a valley of boundless depth and vast.

The gateway is hidden from the proud
the path is made of humbleness
the road to yourself leads you to the place of destination
you have to steal away the ravens of the past
Track Name: Lady love

She sizes up neatly
conditioned am completely
porcelaine her face
puppet plastic pace

the reigns in her hands
`welcome to my candyland`
where vanity alies
she reigns with her eyes

don´t approach if you´re a boor
´cause I´m the kiddish love allure
i show you clear and bluntly
no beauty, no regards and no me

tumbling from jack to kiss and back
a dagger in your heart to dismiss and to attack
I need you to fall for me
I need you to love me dearly
Track Name: Come stand by me

why am I so perse
swallowed in grey fog
walking on the edge
neverending fall into the deep

come stand by me
let´s share the loneliness
come stand by me
let´s share a strong embrace
when to know that I´m loved

why am I just feeling
like living in a glass case
watching lifes love from the inside
like one of the uncountable audience members
like an idle watcher